I find this bike to get me where I want to go in the most comfortable way.

Smooth, great handling, the heat does not bother me, but I hear rumblings from others who have one.

Not as torquey as my Goldwing which I had for awhile, but it is a great motorcycle. Pretty good sound system, too, I added the rear speakers for added rocking, but a higher wattage unit would definitely be an added asset., AND my wife likes it..

I have had my machine since mid 2009, it has just clocked up 75,000 kms and has been a reliable, sturdy workhorse.

Had to make some minor mods to it to make it handle better (tapered roller bearings on the head stem to stop vibration) but on the whole has been a great machine.

After 75000 kms I am now starting to find some little problems creeping in.

The drive belt is making an extremely loud squeak now and I have been told that it needs replacing sometime soon but not critical.