series, a sequence of novels set during a galactic civil war being fought between god-like leaders and their demigod-like troops.

This particular novel focuses on the Salamanders, a legion of warriors forged in molten lava and who have a thoroughly fiery and dragon-like aspect to them.

We’ve been drip-fed stories about this particular faction thus far, but the last time we saw their leader, the Primarch Vulkan, he was facing almost certain doom surrounded by enemies.

Fans of the series know he survives, but the tale as to how that played out has been one for which we’ve been made to wait for over twenty books now. On the one hand it’s highly accessible (and a good dipping-in point for casual readers), it's filled to the brim with action, and it carries the ongoing narrative of the series very well.

However it lacks the wow factor that has been present in the likes of previous books such as , and at this stage in the series, it’s this level of quality we’ve come to expect.

Kyme puts in a strong effort to reach this standard, but it doesn’t quite make it.

Alas, what’s really needed is strong characterisation for the titular character, Vulkan, and it simply isn’t there. The villains of this piece are the Night Lords, and these monsters have appeared in the series before, always written by popular novelist Aaron Dembski-Bowden.