"Four interior decorators of the apocalypse" US avant-garde concept group based in San Francisco.

The official inception of the Residents was the release of Meet The Residents in 1974, but members of the group had worked together since 1969 or perhaps earlier.

The band is known for its wide range of named guest stars and collaborators, its multitude of concept albums, its ambitious multimedia, audiovisual, and stage projects and the mystery surrounding much of its activities, from its history as a band to its members.

The band has consistently related that it took its name from a rejection letter that it had received from Warner Bros.

Records in response to a demo tape the band had sent them.

The tape was sent anonymously, so the letter simply addressed them as "Residents." It's strange that people still think they're a foursome - or that they ever were - when the setup actually always shifted, AND you can see them "in the flesh" on You Tube snippets...

I also used to believe that when I started listening to them in 1980, AND I thought two of the guys left in the early 80s since it was obvious they used dancing women in tuxedo and eyeball on their 13th anniversary show.