Environmental Lawn, Landscape, and Sod offers a proven track record for Landscape Design and Installation throughout Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma.

Our designers work with you throughout the entire process offering counsel on the best sod, trees and plants to fit your desires.

Our experts know the local environment and have vast experience in offering varieties of horticulture and proper placement for long term beautification of your home.

Your landscape should look great in every season, bring joy and beauty to your property throughout the year.

If you have lived here long, you know this is a challenge and you may have friends who have discovered the hard way.

We take a great deal of pride in our role in the beautification of your home.

Lynch Complete Design Services include: - Walls, Walkways, Patios & Decks - Evergreen and Deciduous Trees and Shrubs - Perennials and Ground Covers; Herb and Vegetable Gardens - Common and Scientific Nomenclature - Scale Overhead Drawings with Product Specific Materials List - Installation Cost Estimates and Gradual Implementation Plans "Great landscape design is inherently about creating unique, functional, intuitively inviting outdoor living spaces: harmonious, aesthetically agreeable comfortable places for recreation, entertaining, and relaxation.""Landscapes are to be lived in ...