The beginning was fun but when your on the island at the end it gets really excellent.

I loved RE1 & 2, and I even enjoyed Nemesis and Dead Aim. The music is good, although it could do with being taken down a notch or two. I thought I would hate this game and I only bought it coz I had 15 quid on trade-in but I was wrong:)Absolute classic and one of the best in the Resident Evil series, if you don't mind profanity and love yelling, please please watch Lt Mkilla's play through, hilarious videos of gameplay from one my favourite people ever ❤️I have completed the story and too be fair it was damn good.

Other stuff: My fave games mag(Gamezmaster)gave this 96% on ps2 and I 100% percent agree.

Instead it's cult-villagers who are being mind controlled. well, I'm not sure why and that is never explained. I really enjoyed the riddles in RE1 & 2 where your character constantly ran between rooms to solve puzzles and open doors. but they're all within the same area, and it's all a bit linear. How much: You can get it pre-owned for 15 pounds and you will love it.

If it wasn't for Leon, this game would have no tie to the Resident Evil Universe. Except the cult spends the whole time trying to stop you rescuing her because... The game throws new things at you on every chapter and this has got serious reply value as you unlock better guns when you complate the game making you want play again.

The story is that the President's daughter had been kidnapped so that she can be infected with a parasite, and then returned to the POTUS in order to demonstrate the power of the cult. It took me around 14 hours first time.(thats quite slow)The game is fast paced and you don't go back to re-visited places that often(drives me mad on games where you do)Difficulty to complete 6-Not easy but not hard.

The only scary thing is when you hear the sound of a chainsaw and you don't know where the crazed villager is. Lifespan 8-You will die alot but the game doesn't get frustrating and not at all boring.