The small Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan, famous for its political unrest, will hold a presidential election in October, 2011.

Now Kyrgyzstan has another chance to be famous: 83 Kyrgyz citizens are registered to participate in the race for the vacant presidential post.

The list of candidates is impressive: there are lawyers, farmers, businessmen, teachers, Ph. Sixteen candidates are representative of the political parties, sixty-seven nominated themselves, and there are six women and seventy-seven men.

All of them must collect 30,000 supporting signatures, provide an election deposit (around $2,200) and pass the Kyrgyz language exam.

The president of Kyrgyzstan is elected for six years. Only a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic without any foreign citizenship, not younger than 35 years and not older than 70 years, resident of Kyrgyzstan not less than 15 years can be elected as a president.

The 83 candidates made Kyrgyzstani netizens think about quality of the candidates, too.

A number of the Kyrgyz politicians have already registered their accounts on social networks; a few of them have their own blogs.