Salary for the President of the USA should be raised to $4.3 million per year.

From 1789 to 1909, the Presidential salary was increasing by 0.93% compounded annually, after adjusting for inflation.

Extrapolating that trend to the present time indicates that the salary for a US President should now be 2.50 times the level of the 1909 inflation-adjusted Presidential salary — i.e.

$4,300,000 per year, when expressed in 2007 dollars.

It seems irrational that US Presidential candidates are now expected to spend $100 millionon a campaign to get a 4-year job that pays less than $25 million per year.

The US should not treat its highest office as a “loss leader”, like some advertising campaign dreamed up to brainwash the American public.

Actually, the US needs to SIMULTANEOUSLY raise the US Presidential salary and lower the personal cost of Presidential campaigns if the goal is to attract problem-solving individuals to serve as the US President.