Describing himself as an insignificant son of a senator, Johnson was selected by the Patriots to become the 44th President of the United States and George Sears' successor, after he pledged his loyalty to the organization.

Johnson ascended to the Presidency after Sears was removed from office, following the Shadow Moses Incident.

During his Presidency, Johnson was little more than a pawn for the Patriots.

Under their orders, he initiated programs in Space Defense and National Missile Defense, also making reductions in income tax.

Due to his policies, Johnson was re-elected as President, though again, this was merely a charade played by the Patriots.

During his presidency, he also authorized and initiated the development of a purified hydrogen bomb, In April 2009, President Johnson visited the offshore cleanup facility Big Shell as part of an inspection tour, along with numerous other government and business VIPs.

However, the facility was taken over by armed terrorists led by Solidus Snake and Dead Cell, and Johnson was immediately captured.