The prevailing school of thought for approaching poker tournament strategy in a theoretically optimal way involves "c EV," an analysis of whether the play being made or discussed is likely to allow the player to win or lose chips.

Discussions of c EV tend to disregard the notion of "tournament life" and ICM considerations.

A common misconception regarding tournament play is that c EV is always equal to real money EV ($EV).

While c EV roughly equal to $EV in the early and middle stages of an MTT, the discrepancy between the two grows as the tournament gets nearer to the final table, and also varies further depending on the payout structure.

Let's say you're in the middle stages of a tournament and in BB sitting on a 50K stack with blinds at 1K-2K/200 antes.

You get dealt Ad3d and it folds to the player in the SB who raises to 5K with 60K behind.

Let's assume that you decide calling isn't an option, so it's either move all-in or fold.