This Arctic expedition is our most thorough encounter with the world of the polar bear and the Canadian North.

Traverse the tundra in heated Polar Rovers to watch the bears play and interact, entertaining us just feet away through large picture windows, or in the open from the outdoor viewing platform.

But this grand adventure doesn't end there: We'll also helicopter the bears' denning area, experience the northern boreal wilderness on an authentic dog sled ride, explore the rough-and-tumble frontier town of Churchill and enjoy cultural activities with local residents.

When night falls, keep your fingers crossed for a view of the aurora borealis—its swirling colors are as vivid here as any place on Earth. If you're coming all the way to Churchill, the Polar Bear Capital of the World, you may as well take in the entire Northland experience!

You'll find no more comprehensive trip than this one, which not only offers outstanding bear-viewing opportunities—plus a chance to enter a polar bear den (vacant, of course!

)—but multiple opportunities for in-depth exploration of the nature, Alpine valleys carpeted in summer wildflowers, sheer-walled peaks and magnificent wildlife!

Discover the secret side of Glacier where nature prevails and crowds are few.