Just watched Uruguayan soccer star Luis Suarez bite an opponent for the third time in his career. Lindsay telling me that it was time, the drive to the hospital, the hours of labor and our daughter introducing herself to the world.

As Reese’s due date approached I kept wondering how it would all play out.

But I do know that if Suarez watched Reese’s favorite show all of these unhappy episodes might have been avoided.

I don’t know what possesses a man to bite his fellow man; no one seems to know, or understand, why Suarez keeps chomping on his opponents.

But I expected that events wouldn’t follow exactly as I scripted it in my mind, and no,…Read the full post… On New Year’s Day the wife and I were at a party, the Steeler game was on in the corner, and we got to chatting about the future.

Maybe, she said, we should think about maybe having a baby.

In the fall, maybe, that’s when we should start trying. The summer after my sophomore year I stayed at Penn State to edit the summer sports section of The Daily Collegian.