Party Poker is another long time online poker site that has been enjoyed by millions of online poker players over their long and rich history.

They were for a good many years the dominant force in online poker, a title they only gave up when they stopped taking American players after the UIGEA legislation.

This did cause them to lose a lot of momentum and they got quickly passed by the big sites that stayed in the U. market, but they have always remained a top 5 site overall, and still are today.

So when it comes to looking at the best online poker sites for Canadians, Party Poker is still well worth a try.

This is a very well run company and poker site and are regulated not by some small country but by the U. gaming commission, and the company behind them, Bwin. This isnt really an issue with the poker sites we recommend, they are all trustworthy or we wouldnt be recommending them, but playing at such a well respected site as Party Poker can only be a plus.

Party Poker did get pretty lazy in its earlier days, when it had such a stranglehold on the online poker market, but since being knocked down to size so to speak they have come to realize that nothing less than first class in every area will do, and if they fail to do this, people will simply play elsewhere.

So gone is their tired old software that people really didnt seem to mind too much anyway, which has been replaced with a state of the art software package that rivals anything out there.