Online poker was huge in the early 2000’s but has declined in more recent years, when people realised that to really make money, you have to be really good.

Netent offer a range of Video Poker software but no peer to peer poker software.

However many online poker sites, due to the decline, have also incorporated a casino section where you will find a range of Netent games.

Read on to find out more about online poker sites who also offer Netent video slots!

Poker is a card game that (probably together with blackjack) is the most played card game worldwide, immensely popular among millions of enthusiasts.

The game play basically consists of each individual player assembling, out of a certain amount of cards dealt, certain combinations of cards, called ‘poker hands’, that all have their specific hierarchical ‘rank’.

As poker is actually a ‘family’ of card games with several different variations (like Texas Hold’em poker, Stud poker, Omaha poker, Razz, to name a few…) the rules and game play differ per variation.