I deserve a Nobel Prize in: Lit___ Math___ Physics___ Medicine___ Peace___ Other___2. Temp secretary sent nomination form to Pulitzer Committee. Forgot to include return postage on nomination form. Not told 12-midnight nomination deadline was Swedish Standard Time. Other.** "Other" may not include: King of Sweden holds grudge against me/Tux rental store out of my size/Won prize but left it in taxi outside Club Ecstasy afterward, and driver took off after waiting 8 hours.3. A legitimate Nobel Prize candidate would have recognized these as trick questions and countered with 3 authentic Brain Twisters.

BASIS OF MY CLAIMBefore you begin: Applicants must be smart enough to know that writing in Swedish and/or familiarity with the history of dynamite will not necessarily increase their chances for a favorable ruling. MY MERIT VERIFICATIONThe following statement as to why you deserve your Nobel Prize must be written by someone other than yourself who is not your pastor/high school principal/parent/parole officer/warden.4. New Rule: Imposters must return this claim form, torn in half, with a check or money order in the amount of $1.5. Imagine yourself in the following situations and describe what you would do if: A.

Put a check next to the claim basis that most closely resembles yours. BRAIN TWISTERS Nobel Aptitude Requirements: To eliminate impostors, you must answer at least 1 of these 3 questions: A. The Queen of Sweden "came on" to me as I sat waiting to make my acceptance speech. Greenpeace picketed the awards ceremony, condemning me as a guppy-murderer. Visa declined my card when I tried buying the Awards Committee a round of drinks. These situations and the proper responses are listed in "So You've Won a Nobel," the pamphlet included with the welcoming fruit basket in your Stockholm hotel room.

Without using pencil and paper, calculate the circumference of Kirstie Alley. The desert island that a rabbi, a Scotsman, and a nymphomaniac are stranded on lies ___ leagues (rounded to the nearest team) from the Galápagos Islands. In what novel besides The Mill on the Floss does the phrase "Call me Ishmael" not appear?

Out of interest if you were head to head, and you and your opponent had to have the above 2 hands and go all-in, which would you choose? There are cases where a made pair is a 'dog to overcards after the flop if there are other draws on the board.

I know 10,10 is slight favourite, but I just cant win with pair v 2 overcards (tonights all-in makes 13 out of 14 losses whilst favourite - i just cant break cycle). Just ask Mike Matusow, who during one of the greatest moments in math according to Paul Philips, claimed he would rather have had a made pair vs.

You could if you were playing against me, because that's about how my luck has been going lately! I would probably pick the 10s, because of the statistical advantage, but I wouldn't be unhappy w/ the AK either, because then I have two cards I can hit with to bust the 10s (just pray 10s don't show up on the board).