The self-styled "Mad Genius of Poker," Mike Caro, has established for himself a well-earned place among the pantheon of poker authors, primarily thanks to his classic Caro's Book of Poker Tells, oft-cited as one of the most influential poker books ever penned.

His newest title, Caro's Secrets of Winning Poker, brings together advice on a wide range of poker-related topics, providing a useful compendium of concepts for both novice and experienced players.

This is the fourth edition of what began as Caro's Fundamental Secrets of Poker (first published in 1991), here updated and expanded to include new material, including a section on hold'em (discussing both limit and no-limit).

As Caro explains in the introduction, the book compiles what he regards to be the most important concepts from his live seminars, simulated here in print with "blackboards" punctuating every mini-lecture.

The format resembles that of Caro's contribution to Super/System 2 wherein he offers a list of tips, and a couple of those reappear among the book's hundred-plus lessons spread out over fifteen chapters.

Indeed, one might submit (respectfully) that repetition — in the service of hammering home advice Caro deems worth repeating and remembering — is a hallmark of Caro's style of instruction.

Much like a teacher reiterating important information to a classroom full of students, Caro frequently stops himself mid-lecture to say "that's an important concept, so I'm going to repeat it" and then does just that.