At first Caroline seemed competent and professional, however after having paid for 7.5 months upfront that rapidly changed.

I was ready to move into the flat and asked for some items to be removed by the following day that I was supposed to move in, I arranged to move in at 6pm so the agents had time to sort it all out, no surprise... Moving on, the mattress had blood stains on it which I found absolutely disgusting and appalling.

The sink and water were not working, the lights in t...

After a long and annoying battle with MESSILA RESIDENTIAL, I have finally managed to get my renting deposit back ( 4 months of badgering them to give it back when I should\'ve gotten it 1 week after I moved out).

By far the worst estate agents I have ever come across in London.

As soon as they got my money they became very uncooperative, very unprofessional and very snobby.

Never again will I rent property with them, and I discourage anyone who thinks of doing so....