I wonder what legislation might he be referring to?

Trump opens with a hysterical set of dubious self congratulations: “never has there been a president, with few exceptions — in the case of FDR, he had a major depression that happened — who’s passed more legislation, who’s done more things, than we’ve done.” An aggressive, but questionable, assertion of accomplishment.

It would be an amazingly funny spectacle (as has been reported on late night TV), if it weren’t so consequential.

I strongly recommend that you view this video from beginning to end.

It is not Trump himself, though, that most disturbs me. Perhaps such enjoyment will calm him down and make World War III less likely, at least for today.

His unstable personality and volatile temper keeps me up at night in this regard, Trump as the Twenty-First Century Dr. Yet, my greatest concern on this “momentous” day is not Trump himself, but how Trump is celebrated by those who work with (or is it for?

) him; how his supporters blindly follow him, living in a world of alternative facts; how leaders in his party, who should know better, are willing to ignore the significance of his attacks on liberal democracy; on the press and the judiciary, treating his opponents as enemies, undermining liberal democracy; and how the Democratic opposition threatens to descend into sectarianism, when now more than ever a popular front commitment is needed. One by one the members of Trump’s cabinet sing all praises to their leader, to the great pleasure of the leader himself.