Whether its your first or your twentieth, buying the best snowboard for you is always a big decision.

Boots and bindings play their part, of course, but no bit of hardware is as likely to define your riding – or cost you more – than your deck.

We’re blessed with an abundance of choice, from those made by tiny start-ups in garages to the output of massive multinational companies.

Naturally, this can make deciding which one to buy pretty daunting.

The tech spiel can often baffle and confuse, even as it tries to help, and definitely takes some getting used to.

With that in mind, we’ve done the legwork for you and boiled down the jargon into plain English, making the board’s purpose – and target customer – clear in every case.

For the ones our Test Team got their hands on, you’ll also find in-depth reviews on what the board is actually like to ride.