ok, so i played some music id been creating to a friend of mine, (we played together in bands for years) and the 1st thing he said to me was " argghh the drums just sound bloody awful, theyre all synthetic and digital, its horrible, cant you get them to sound any better than that?

" needless to say i was slightly gutted, but i took his point. im still on the learning curve with garageband, but could do with some tips on how to get a more "real" sound.

The drums in garageband can sound a bit fake, especially if youre looking for that real band sound. Or should i use a different drum machine altogether?

how about a 3rd party AU plug-in such as EZdrummer?

or perhaps Drums on Demand - if you prefer to go with a 'sets of loops' solution (available as Apple loops).

There is lots of options: people here use lots of different solutions instead of GB or Logics kits, ask around.

I currently use Drums on Demand (Vol 1 & 3) mostly.