The fix was to fire lower paid staff, hire much higher paid director's. They struggle to keep up on the demands, if you can't get it all completed with you limited resources, they fire you for failure to preform duties.

A real joke, when it shows they don't care for great accomplishments and that you numbers are way better than anyone else.

If you are a professional, don't come here, they will rant your work history once they get what they want from you.

Advice to Management Rules and policies are great, but you fail to look at the whole picture, allow mangers to direct staff wrong then fire the staff for follow manager directions.

You will lose quality employees if it's not watched.

Also hire more hourly employees and less directors.

Advice to Management I wouldn’t recommend anyone to take this six-month course since they are very disorganized and the pay is not worth in the long run.1. The warehouse was OK but the air conditioning in there did not work too well and was very warm in the summer.3.