Fruit Weather is a fruit based weather system for your tongue.

The installation at the Garage Centre of Contemporary Culture in Moscow exploded fruit to the scale of buildings spatialising flavour to become an immersive and inhabitable cloud.

Fruit Weather used powerful humidifiers to super saturated the air with fruity vapour.

The high humidity level itself enhances taste perception as meteorology and pomology (the study of fruit) collide.

On any given day visitors were able to step inside a strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, lime or pear flavoured cloud.

Sberbank integration William Kentridge “Five themes” 30 September — 4 December 2011 A major survey of the contemporary South African artist William Kentridge was open at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in September 2011.

Curated by Mark Rosenthal, William Kentridge: Five Themes featured more than 40 influential works from the last three decades, including drawing, film, collage, printmaking, sculpture, books and stage design.